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2018-2019 Southeastern University - Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Southeastern University - Traditional Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Appeal and Complaint Policy

Southeastern University has instituted the following procedures for student complaints and adheres to these procedures. Students (traditional, evening, online, and graduate) are free to submit written complaints and appeals. Appeals and complaints are dealt with fairly and judiciously on a case-by-case basis. Students have the right of complaint and appeal in the following instances: 

Transfer Credit Appeals

Transfer students have the right to appeal transfer credit decisions made by the Office of the Registrar. The student must write a letter of appeal accompanied by any additional documentation requested by the Office of the Registrar. The appeal will be reviewed by the appropriate academic department chair/college dean with additional documentation and the student will be notified of the decision rendered.

Course Appeals

A student who has an unresolved issue in a course is encouraged to appeal to the Chair or Dean of the discipline of the course. If the student is unable to meet with the Chair or Dean, he may meet with the Registrar to receive assistance in bringing a resolution.

Advising/Registration/Degree Completion

A student who has an unresolved issue and has not received satisfactory answers from his/her assigned Academic Advisor related to degree completion, transfer of credit, advising questions or non-response, may appeal to the Director of Academic Advising or to the Registrar. A meeting appointment will be set up promptly to consider the student’s unresolved issues, with the goal of successful degree completion. If the issue is still unresolved following the meeting with the Director of Academic Advising or the Registrar, the student may appeal to the Associate Provost for a resolution.

Students who are unsure of whom to contact regarding particular issues should direct their appeals for assistance to the Retention Coordinator, who will make sure the student is connected with the right person or office to receive a resolution.

 Appeal of Academic Suspension

A student may appeal an academic suspension to the Academic Progress Committee if there are valid extenuating circumstances that contributed to the poor academic performance. The student must submit a written appeal with supporting documentation addressed to the Academic Progress Committee Chairperson in care of the Registrar within one week of notice of pending suspension. If the appeal is granted, the student will be allowed to continue enrollment without a period of suspension or will be readmitted after the student has completed a period of suspension. The student must agree to a set of conditions that must be met until the student has successfully raised the G.P.A. to the minimum of 2.0. If the student fails to meet one or more of the conditions, a dismissal notice will be issued. 

Late Registration

Late registration after the deadline is permitted only by the permission of the Registrar and requires a written appeal.

Grades and Quality Points

Students who wish to appeal a grade must do so within the immediate succeeding semester. Otherwise, the recorded grade is permanent and can be changed only by repeating the course.

Non-Academic Student Complaint/Appeal Process

Students with a complaint or problem concerning student life that is non-academic in nature should go to the Resident Director or the Office of Student Development. Financial problems, questions and issues regarding student accounts should be addressed in Student Financial Services. Student complaints and appeals will be addressed promptly. Requests for problem resolution may be submitted in writing. Students are welcome to visit the Retention Coordinator to get help with solving issues, including financial, residential, or academic when the student is unsure of where to go for a resolution.

Student Disciplinary Appeal Process

A student may appeal a disciplinary action taken against him or her according to the following protocol: 

Discipline action:                                                      Appeal to: 

  • Level One infraction                                         Area Coordinator (AC) 
  • Decision of Area Coordinator                           Covenant Council (CC) 
  • Decision of Covenant Council                          Student Development Administrator 

The student must make all appeals in writing to the appropriate office within 24 hours of receiving disciplinary notification. All decisions of the Student Development administrator are final and there shall be no subsequent appeals.

Please refer to the link on Extended Education Complaint Policies for more information, or specific questions for extended education programs.

Academic Integrity - Early Alert Program Appeal Process

When there is an instance of academic dishonesty, students will be referred to the Academic Center for Enrichment for plagiarism avoidance counseling, and the student will be required to complete the Academic Integrity course in My Fire (if the plagiarism was a level 2 or higher).  In the event a student desires to be removed from the course, or to appeal the outcome of the course, the following must be completed:

  1.  The student must write a letter of appeal to the Academic Intervention Committee stating reasons as to why they want to be removed from the Academic Integrity course and/or not incur a Z grade on their transcript.  Students will deliver or e-mail the letter of appeal to the program coordinator.
  2. The appeal will be reviewed by the Academic Intervention Committee.
  3. The student will be notified with committee’s decision. All decisions of the committee are final.