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2021-2022 Southeastern University - Unrestricted Education Catalog 
2021-2022 Southeastern University - Unrestricted Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services


Academic Advising

Academic Advising assists students in their personal and academic development as they prepare professionally to creatively serve their world. Academic Advisors meet students where they are and support them in their collegiate journey through advising, mentoring, and modeling the integration of faith and learning. The staff recognizes that there is a critical relationship existing between academic advising and retention and is committed to placing an emphasis on promoting academic engagement, degree program completion, community involvement, leadership and success through effective student learning outcomes. This comprehensive plan focuses on the development, support, retention and graduation of students while assisting them towards the achievement of spiritual, life, academic, professional/vocational or ministry-oriented goals. The Office of Academic Advising provides various levels of support services to all extension site, regional campus, blended evening, and online students. For undergraduate distance education students, the Academic Advising Office provides oversight for advisors that are provided through The Learning House (TLH). Graduate distance education students are not supported by the Academic Advisor Office or TLH. Instead, these students are supported by the graduate program coordinators. Students at off-campus instructional sites are supported by the Office of Academic Advising.

Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE)

The Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) is a staff-directed learning center that serves administrators, faculty, staff, and students of Southeastern University (i.e. traditional, extension site, evening/weekend, online, and graduate). ACE offers peer-facilitators who tutor students in subject areas across the curriculum. In addition, for students that are not local to the Lakeland campus, ACE offers online tutoring, multiple forms of distance support (e.g. email, phone, screen sharing, and etc.), and posts center resources online. Students that are local to the Lakeland campus may also use the center’s facilities which offers printing, a computer lab, study space, and additional tutoring services. The goal of the Academic Center for Enrichment is to provide an encouraging environment and services that are conducive to student learning. This goal includes establishing relationships with faculty to share best practices for encouraging student learning; creating opportunities to provide learning enriched experiences for students through individual and collaborative sessions; training facilitators to meet the various learning needs of our students; and providing continuing education as well as monitoring and maintaining CRLA certification for facilitators to meet university needs and demands.

Office of Academic and Auxiliary Services and the Center for Testing and Proctoring

Southeastern University is committed to ensuring equal access to all programs for people with disabilities. Program access is provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the individual and to the maximum extent feasible. Southeastern University prohibits disability discrimination and assures equal access, including participation in all educational activities, academic programs and services.

The Office of Academic and Auxiliary Services coordinates accommodations for students with documented physical, learning, and/or psychological disabilities.  For detailed information about services provided for students with disabilities at Southeastern University click here.  To begin the process of requesting accommodations, please call 863-667-5283 or email adaservices@seu.edu

For more information or to schedule an exam, please call 863-667-5116 or email testing@seu.edu.


Southeastern University encourages students to develop to their fullest potential by integrating personal faith and higher learning. In keeping with this philosophy, the Admission Committee gives consideration to Christian character, academic achievement, ability, and purpose when reviewing applicants for admission. Consideration is given to all credentials required and/or submitted. Acceptance or rejection is made after evaluation of the applicant’s complete qualifications.  

Career Services

Southeastern University’s Career Services office exists to serve the University community – students, alumni, faculty, and staff – by providing professional recommendations and guidance related to continuing education and employment. While the University does not provide actual employment placement services, we do provide career assessments, career counseling and coaching, workforce readiness education, and professional networking. These services are provided through career-focused courses, employability seminars, as well as multiple on and off-campus events. Career assessment services are provided using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Strong Interest Inventory®, and Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO®). Additional services include resume preparation, CCN profile establishment, internship and job boards and an annual career and graduate school expo. Career Services are accessible to all distance education students through electronic communication; however, off-campus events are not applicable to the distance education and off-campus instructional site students due to geographic limitations.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department provides Christ-centered, high quality, reliable, service-oriented technology services to students, faculty, staff, alumni and University guests. Information Technology partners with all campus departments to implement technological solutions to meet the needs of our campus community. Necessary services are accomplished through effective communication with the university community and thorough research to ensure the best possible technology solutions. Information Technology provides a simple work request process that allows users to submit their needs, which are logged and tracked to ensure resolution. The Information Technology department supports distance education and off-campus instructional site students through password resets, the technological infrastructure, and first-level support.

Registrar’s Office

The Office of the Registrar administers the following services to blended evening, extension site, online, and graduate students: student orientations, transfer of credit, transcripts of permanent records, enrollment verifications, student CRM account access,, registration of classes, course withdrawal process, graduation application and degree audits, commencement coordination, awarding of degrees and diplomas, student academic complaints and appeals process, and academic probation and suspension processes. Services are primarily rendered through electronic communication.

Student Financial Services

The SEU Student Financial Services Department, in order to foster student success, assists students (, blended evening, extension site,  online, and graduate) in discovering resources to cover the cost of education through a variety of federal, state, private, and institutional grants, scholarships, work programs, and loans. The service is provided on the telephone, via standard non-electronic correspondence, and electronically using the internet and/or e-mail.  Student Financial Services supports distance education and off-campus instructional site students in the same manner as other student populations, primarily through electronic communication.