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2022-2023 Southeastern University - Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Southeastern University - Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Bachelor of Music Education

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Bachelor of Music Education: Choral (Even Four-Year Plan)  

Bachelor of Music Education: Choral (Odd Four-Year Plan)  

Bachelor of Music Education: Instrumental (Even Four-Year Plan)  

Bachelor of Music Education: Instrumental (Odd Four-Year Plan)  

Music majors must pass all music courses with a C- or higher.

The Bachelor of Music Education degree program thoroughly prepares students to teach music in elementary, middle school, and high school settings. Our rigorous curriculum requires students to develop mastery of their major instrument or voice as well as strong pedagogical knowledge of secondary instruments and keyboard. Excellent courses in musicianship, knowledge of music technology, mastery of a wide range of musical styles, as well as nearly 700 hours of hands-on practicum experiences in K–12 classrooms enables our students to earn desirable teaching positions in public and private schools. Southeastern University music education graduates receive high praise for their achievements in the classroom, and many of our graduates have earned “Teacher of the Year” accolades in their first three years of employment. Furthermore, graduates from the program have found success pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in the field.

After their sophomore year, all music education majors ought to apply for admission into the College of Education.

Admission to the College of Education

Application for official admission into the College of Education (COE) must be submitted by November 30 of the sophomore year in order to be accepted for the spring or by April 30 of the sophomore year for acceptance in the fall.  Students will be notified by March 1 for fall applications and October 1 for spring applications.  Transfer students must submit this application during their first sophomore semester of enrollment at SEU provided they have passed all portions of the GK exam.  Applications can be found on the Undergraduate Education Forum (https://library.seu.edu/UndergradEdForum).

Admission Requirements into the College of Education:

●       Enrollment as a degree-seeking student at the university;

●       No grade lower than a “C-” (70) in any religion course, professional education course, or specialization course;

●       Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for all general education courses.  If you become ineligible to continue in your program, you may re-apply for admittance when eligibility has been re-established by making a written request to the Compliance Committee.  (You may apply one more time.)

●       Minimum grade of “B” (84) in Fundamentals of Speech, Oral Interpretation, or Introduction to Music Education;

●       Completed personality profile (MBTI);

●       Official documentation of passing scores on all sections of the GK test, including any retakes and remediation.


All teacher education programs have met requirements for Florida State Approved Programs.

Students who plan to teach in Florida schools must file an application with the Office of Teacher Certification for the State of Florida and complete the post-degree requirements for the teaching credential.

Students graduating from Florida state-approved teacher certification programs are currently eligible for initial certification to teach in all members of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC), an interstate reciprocity contract allowing certified teachers to obtain teaching jobs in other states and territories. An applicant’s eligibility for certification according to the interstate agreement contract will be determined after the application for a Florida teaching certificate is on file in the Teacher Certification Office. For more information on state-specific certification requirements click here.

Foundational Core - 45 Credit Hours

Intellectual and Practical Skills - 12 Credit Hours

Engaging Human Culture and the Natural World - 17 Credit Hours

Natural Science with lab: Select One (1) of the Following plus lab [4 Credits]:

Behavioral Science: Select One (1) of the Following [3 Credits]:

Social Science: Select One (1) of the Following [3 Credits]:

Historical Perspective: Select One (1) of the Following [3 Credits]:

Humanities: Select One (1) of the Following [3 Credits]:

Personal and Social Responsibility - 9 Credit Hours

Major Core- 66 Credits Hours

Emphasis: Select one (1) of the following:

Applied Lessons/ Performance Core- 14 Credit Hours

Applied Lessons

Applied Lessons (four 2-credit lessons at 1000 level, and three 2-credits lessons at 3000 level) for a total of 14 credits.

Required: Instrument Lab or Voice Lab (seven semesters): 0 Credits

Ensemble: 7 Credit Hours

Large Ensemble (seven semesters)

Total Program Hours - 135 Credit Hours

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