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2022-2023 Southeastern University - Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Southeastern University - Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Bachelor of Science, Marketing

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Bachelor of Science, Marketing Four-Year Course Plan 

Admission to the Jannetides School of Business

Entering students may declare business as their major, but students are not admitted until all School of Business admissions criteria has been met, and the Business Screening Committee has officially admitted the students.

Step 1: Application to discipline-specific major
Students wishing to apply for admission to the School of Business must pick up an application for admission from the Jannetides Dean’s Office. Students must familiarize themselves with the rules and requirements for admission, fill out the application for admission, and return the application to the Jannetides Dean’s Office.

Step 2: Required Business Pre-core coursework with a minimum of a C- average in each course

  • BUSI 2103 Macroeconomics
  • BUSI 2123 Business Communications
  • BUSI 2133 Financial Accounting
  • BUSI 2203 Microeconomics
  • BUSI 2233 Managerial Accounting
  • CTIS 2133 Data Management

Step 3: for Admission
The semester a student successfully finishes the above-mentioned courses (see Step 2), he or she will complete the following:

  1. Must pass the School of Business Entrance Exam (SBEE) that covers topics from BUSI 2103, 2133, 2203 and 2233
  2. Must receive the MOS certification in CTIS 2133
  3. Must create a portfolio of specified writings from BUSI 2123
  4. Notification will be sent to the student’s advisor that he or she has either passed or failed the Entrance Exam, the MOS certification, and the portfolio
  • If the student passes
  1. He or she may apply for admission to a discipline-specific major
  2. The Business Screening Committee will meet and review the student’s application for admission
  3. If the committee finds that the student meets the admission requirements notification will be sent to the student, advising that he or she may continue in the business program and reminding the student of further requirements for exit from the program
  4. A copy of the notification will be placed in the student’s file
  • If the student does not pass
  1. Notification will be sent to the student’s advisor that he or she may not continue in the business program at Southeastern University
  2. Students may retake the CBE at their own expense

**Transfer students or those who change majors while at Southeastern University will be reviewed
by the committee on a case-by-case basis after they take the SBEE.


Step 4: School of Business Candidate
At the moment of admission, the student is considered a “candidate.” From this point, the student must complete the requirements for the business core as well as his or her chosen discipline-specific major program and earn no less than a C- in each upper-level business/major course. The semester that the student takes BUSI 4603 Business Policies, the Comprehensive Business Exam (CBE) will be given. The student must score at the Proficient level in his or her discipline-specific major. If the student does not meet the proficiency requirement, he or she will be notified that they or will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies degree. If the student meets the requirements, he or she will be notified that they can earn a Bachelor of Science in their discipline-specific major (Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing).

If a student wishes to retake the end-of-program Comprehensive Business Exam (CBE), he or she
will be responsible for the cost of retaking the exam.


Appeal Process

  1. If the student has been denied entry into the School of Business discipline-specific major, the student may make a written appeal to the Business Screening Committee for reconsideration.
  2. The student will be notified of the decision of the Business Screening Committee.

Admission Requirements into the School of Business Summary

  1. Enrollment as a degree-seeking student at the university
  2. Successful completion with at least a C- in BUSI 2103 Macroeconomics, BUSI 2133 Financial Accounting, BUSI 2203 Microeconomics, BUSI 2233 Managerial Accounting, BUSI 2123 Business Communication, and CTIS Data Management
  3. Official documentation of scores on all sections of the SBEE, including any retakes
  4. MOS certification
  5. Complete writing portfolio
  6. Any discipline-related issues can affect the student’s acceptance into the School of Business
  7. Admission approval by the Business Screening Committee


Foundational Core - 55 Credit Hours

Engaging Human Culture and the Natural World - 19 Credit Hours

Behavioral Science: Select One (1) of the Following (3 credits):

Social Science: Select One (1) of the Following (3 Credits):

Historical Perspective: Select One (1) of the Following (3 Credits):

Select One (1) of the following (3 Credits):

Major Core - 57 Credit Hours

General Electives - 8 Credit Hours

Total Program: 120 Credit Hours

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