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2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Arts, Historical & Literary Studies

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Bachelor of Arts, Historical & Literary Studies Four-Year Plan  


Program Description

Students in the B.A. in Historical & Literary Studies hone the skills needed to interpret pressing political, social, and cultural issues of the past and present, such as global health and disease, social relations, and problems of racial prejudice and intolerance through the lens of one of our three discipline tracks:  English, History, or Writing. In each track, students will engage with the foundational literature, research methods, and professional standards of their discipline through innovative course work and experiential learning opportunities, such as local and international internships, editorial experience, and publishing. Upon graduation, our students will have acquired a broad, college-level base of knowledge and skills for directly entering the workplace, and for providing a basis for graduate study in law, business, or other professions related to their selected track.


Program Objectives


Knowledge of Texts in Context

Graduates will demonstrate their A) cultural, B) historical and C) literary intersectional textual familiarity


Performance of Analytic Methods

Graduates will apply interpretive skills in historical and literary texts from a variety of schools of thought regarding the purposes, practices, approaches, sources, and methods of research.


Writing and Communication

Graduates will curate written and spoken collections that A) respond to rhetorical situations, B) demonstrate academic research processes, C) illustrate clear and stylistic prose, and D) support ethical and empathetic discourse.


Faith Integration

Graduates will appraise how their faith is enmeshed with the discipline of language, culture, history, and literary studies in A) classroom and B) experiential learning environments.

Total Program Hours- 120 Credit Hours

Foundational Core - 34 Credit Hours

Habits of Inquiry - 22 Credit Hours

Major Core- 42 Credit Hours

Research- 3 Credit Hours (select one)

Major Core Electives (Choose any ENGL or HIST Course 3000 Level or Above)- 30 Credit Hours

Divine Design (Major Specific Experiential Learning) 3 Credit Hours

Divine Design- 41 Credit Hours

To meet the Divine Design requirement, students may earn credit hours in general elective courses, declared minors/certificates, or enjoy other experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, internships, or practicums. Other practicum options include PRAC 1001   (1 credit hour), PRAC 1002    (2 credit hours), PRAC 1003    (3 credit hours), PRAC 1004   (4 credit hours), up to 24 credit hours. General Electives are any college-level course that does not satisfy the above program requirements. Students must complete the above program requirements with the remaining credit hours earned in the Divine Design to meet the total program hours.

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