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2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog

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Bachelor of Science, Psychology (Main)

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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provides students with fundamentals in psychological and integration principles. Topics of study include personality, development, abnormal psychology, research methods, and more. Students will learn to incorporate their Christian faith into their work and prepare for paraprofessional fields that require psychology or behavioral science degree. In addition, they will participate in supervised field experience and conduct and report empirical research in the field. This degree is also ideal for a student considering pursuing a master’s degree in a helping profession such as counseling. This online program is a total of 123 credit hours: 56 credit hours for Foundational Core courses, 41 credit hours for psychology major core courses, 9 credit hours for psychology electives, and 17 credit hours for general electives.
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology covers the main content areas and skills recommended by the American Psychological Association for undergraduate programs. Students who achieve the program objectives will be able to apply their knowledge of human cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes to a variety of careers that involve working with people. This program also provides the required competencies for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in psychology, counseling, and related fields.
Program Objectives:
  1. Students will demonstrate competency in scientific reasoning and psychological research methods.
  2. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of psychology’s key concepts and content domains.
  3. Students will describe how they integrate their Christian faith and ethics with their general understanding of psychology.
  4. Students will demonstrate qualities of professionalism and preparedness for a career.
  5. Students will apply multicultural and cross-cultural knowledge and values to personal and professional development.

Total Program Hours- 120 Credit Hours

Foundational Core- 34 Credit Hours

Habits of Inquiry- 22 Credits

Discursive Inquiry- 6 Credit Hours

Quantitative Inquiry- 3 Credit Hours

Socio-Historical Inquiry-6 Credit Hours

Divine Design - 41 Credits

To meet the Divine Design requirement, students may earn credit hours in general elective courses, declared minors/certificates, or enjoy other experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, internships, or practicums. Other practicum options include PRAC 1001  (1 credit hour), PRAC 1002   (2 credit hours), PRAC 1003   (3 credit hours), PRAC 1004   (4 credit hours), up to 24 credit hours. General Electives are any college-level course that does not satisfy the above program requirements. Students must complete the above program requirements with the remaining credit hours earned in the Divine Design to meet the total program hours.

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