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2024-2025 Southeastern University- Graduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Southeastern University- Graduate Catalog

Master of Business Administration, Software Development

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Program Overview

The MBA in Software Development with a concentration in either Front-End Development or Back-End Development allows students to improve their business skills across a wide variety of disciplines while providing a deep examination of the growing field of software development.

Front-end developers create the visible part of a website or application, such as the user interface and design.

Back-end developers design the interactions between the web application and its databases. Databases store and manage data sent to and from the user-facing side of a website or application.

Successful completion of the Front-End Web or Back-End Development courses will provide the student with an industry-endorsed certificate in that discipline.

Career Options for Front-End Development

  1. Web Designer
  2. Front-End Engineer
  3. UI/UX Developer
  4. Front-End Specialist
  5. Front-End Manager

Career Options for Back-End Development

  1. Back-End Engineer
  2. Full-Stack Developer
  3. Lead Software Engineer
  4. Lead Software Architect
  5. Back-End Manager

Program Summary

  • 36 credit hours
    • 24 core MBA course hours
    • 12 concentration hours

Program Length

  • Part-time students (6 credit hours per semester)
  • Full-time students (9 credit hours per semester)
  • Accelerated students (12 credit hours per semester)

Program Delivery

  • Three semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer) per year, divided into two 8-week terms.
  • Four week break in December.
  • All courses available online, and most core-courses available face-to-face in Lakeland.

Entrance Requirements

Students are accepted into the MBA program based on evidence of their aptitude and motivation for graduate business education at Southeastern University, as well as their understanding of basic business principles and functions.

Below are the minimum basic requirements; however, admission acceptance is considered given the applicant’s entire application package:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.  Applicants with a lower GPA may be considered if they prove proficiency in the foundational courses (outlined below).
  • A sample writing assignment addressing the prompt: Why I want to pursue an MBA at Southeastern University. The essay should address how the MBA will help the student in his or her career and how he or she can integrate Christian faith into his or her professional life.  The paper should include the student’s full name and be 300-600 words in length.
  • Two recommendations: an academic or professional recommendation, and a personal or character recommendation, submitted by those providing references.
  • Once you begin the program, there are a few obligations to meet: a pretest to determine your current incoming business knowledge, a tutorial and a test to clarify the definition and consequences of plagiarism, and an APA formatting online tutorial.


Provisional Admission to the MBA in Software Development

Should an applicant be admitted provisionally with a GPA below 3.0, he or she is required to earn a B- or better as prescribed by the MBA Program Director in their first two courses to transfer from provisional to full acceptance status.


Other Policies

Students are recommended to have access to a computer that is NOT a Mac, a surface, or a table for two of the core MBA courses: MBA Principles, and Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Satisfactory Progress

BUSI 5003 is a pre-requisite for most other courses in each track and must be completed with a B- or higher before continuing beyond the first semester.  Unless provisional requirements bar concurrent courses, students may take other courses concurrent with BUSI 5003 in their first semester.

The minimum grade requirement for all MBA courses is a C-.  Students can have no more than two courses in the C- range and are required to complete the degree program with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher upon graduation.

Total Program Hours – 36 Credit Hours

It is the responsibility of the student to read, review and fulfil the requirements and total hours of this degree audit for their applicable degree.

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