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2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Southeastern University- Undergraduate Catalog

Main Campus

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

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Total Program Hours- 120 Credit Hours

Foundational Core - 34 Credit Hours

Habits of Inquiry - 22 Credit Hours

Discursive Inquiry - 6 Credit Hours

Quantitative Inquiry - 3 Credit Hours

Socio-Historical Inquiry - Select Two (2) of the Following (6 Credit Hours):

Creative-Aesthetic Inquiry - Select One (1) of the Following (3 Credit Hours):

Major Core - 49 Credit Hours


  1. Students must complete MATH 2144 (Calculus I), MATH 2224 (Calculus II), and MATH 2213 (Discrete Mathematics) with a grade of C minus (C-) or higher to continue as a math major.

  2. Students must complete all major coursework with a grade of C minus (C-) or higher at Southeastern University or elsewhere.

  3. To graduate as a math major at Southeastern University, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all major courses.

Divine Design - 37 Credit Hours

To meet the Divine Design requirement, students may earn credit hours in general elective courses, declared minors/certificates, or enjoy other experiential learning opportunities such as study abroad, internships, or practicums. Other practicum options include PRAC 1001  (1 credit hour), PRAC 1002   (2 credit hours), PRAC 1003   (3 credit hours), PRAC 1004   (4 credit hours), up to 24 credit hours. General Electives are any college-level course that does not satisfy the above program requirements. Students must complete the above program requirements with the remaining credit hours earned in the Divine Design to meet the total program hours.

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